Car Seat Insurance, along with other child equipment insurance, can be very valuable to your clients. Child equipment can be very expensive. This is especially true when making sure that they are good enough quality to protect your child properly in the case of an accident. If anything were to happen to your clients Car Seat, Push Chair or Pram this can be very costly for them to replace.

However with this insurance your client can have peace of mind that if anything unforeseen were to happen to them they would be protected. As a result this cover will pay out if the car seat, pram or push chair is involved in an accident, such as a car crash. It would also cover against fire, theft or attempted theft while it is in your car.

Featured Benefits

  • Keeps your clients child protected in the incident of unforeseen circumstances
  • Can save your client a lot of money
  • Replacing a car seat after an accident its compulsory, regardless of it’s state. When this is the case, this insurance will protect your client.
Car Seat Insurance

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