Safe as Houses, or Home Buyers and Home Sellers, is designed to cover your client should the sale or purchase of their property fall through for reasons outside of their control. Selling and buying a house is a stressful process that can involve large fees for surveyors, mortgage adjusters, conveyancing fees etc.

Unfortunately, these fees can all go to waste should the seller withdraw the property from the market, the outcome of a legal search prohibiting purchase or another buyer gazumping your offer. Additionally, Home Buyers and Home Sellers is also available to cover your client as the seller should these issues occur barring the buyer from completing the purchase.

Both policies also have cover should the worst occur to either the seller or buyer. This includes death, unforeseen illness, bodily injury, and employment cover should it prohibit your client from completing.

Featured Benefits

  • Acasta’s policies can be purchased for the buyer and the seller.
  • Covers your client should another buyer beat your clients offer.
  • Covers your client in the case of serious illness and employment issues.
Home Buyers & Home Sellers

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